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Computer Use: Home

Read about Diné College Libraries’ Computer Use policy here.

Computer Usage Standard Operating Procedures


Computer use is meant primarily for academic work.  All patrons need to review the Acceptable Use Policy of the IT Department.  Patrons abusing these policies will lose computer privileges.  The Acceptable Use Policy is available on the library’s website.  Here are a few pertinent examples of unacceptable use that may result in the loss of computer privileges:

  • Using someone else’s WarriorWeb Login or allowing someone to use your WarriorWeb login
  • Downloading, copying, or pirating software, media files, electronic files that are copyrighted.
  • Using computers to perpetrate any form of fraud, and/or software, film, or music piracy.
  • Loud music (Must use headphones)

Individuals may be asked to verity their standing as a current Diné College student while using computers identified for Diné College users only.  If an individual is unable to properly identify as a Diné College student, faculty, or staff member, they may be asked to leave that computer.

The viewing of pornographic material on any library computer is strictly prohibited.

A few computers are available for Navajo Nation residents and visitors.  These computers are available on a first come, first served basis and have a time limit of one hour per day.  Exceptions to this time limit may be given in needful circumstances.

Guest passes may be available for visitors 18 and older who are just passing through the area.  Guest passes will not be given to anyone who is eligible for a library card.

Computers are provided for those who know how to use them.  Instruction in the use of computers may be available on a very limited basis.  Patrons who do not know how to use computers should bring someone along to assist them as library staff may not be available.

Abuse of hardware will result in the suspension of computer privileges.