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R.C. Gorman Collection: Home

R.C. Gorman Room



R.C. (Rudolph Carl) Gorman was a Navajo artist who lived from 1931 to 2005.  He was called “the Picasso of American Indian artists” by the New York Times.  He is most widely known for his artistic portrayals of Native women.


In 2003 Gorman donated his extensive book collection to Diné College.  He also donated the funds from which the room that bears his name was built.  The room contains shelving for his books and space that can be used as a small lecture hall and exhibit area.


The most useful part of his book collection for students is his many books on Art History.

Lecture and exhibit hall

A small lecture hall and exhibit space are available for use by the faculty, staff, and students.  The Navajo Cultural Arts Program is the most frequent user of this space and funded its recent renovation.


All the books are contained in the library’s catalog.  Patrons can use the books in the library building, but they may not be checked out.  To use the lecture hall/exhibit space, email the library at


About R.C. Gorman (include lists of exhibitions, awards, and honors)


R.C. Gorman: Portrait of an Artist