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Diné College Libraries

Printing & Photocopying: Home

Printing & Photocopying


  • Black and White prints are $0.05 per side of page
  • Color prints are $0.50 per side of page (where available)


Printing from Library Computers

  1. Select print at the computer you are working on
  2. Check your printing settings, choose to print from the black and white printer by selecting "Black and White" or for color, "Color"
  3. After you have selected your print settings select "Print" and a screen will appear asking for a "User Name." Enter a unique number (such as your student ID number) and click OK.
  4. A new screen will tell you the cost of your print. To proceed, press OK. Another screen will tell you where your print job has been received. 
  5. Go to the Print Release computer. This computer sits close to the printers and has two Options on its screen: "Reserver a Computer" and "Release Print Job." 
  6. Click on "Release Print Job" and enter the unique number you inputted in step 3. 
  7. Click on the items you want printed and click on "Print" in the top left hand corner.
  8. The cost of your prints will be displayed. Deposit your money into the vending device and click "Pay from Vending Device." 

Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing allows you to send print jobs to the Tsaile and Shiprock libraries from your home computer, laptop, phone, or tablet. To get started, visit our mobile printing page.