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Diné College Libraries

Children Visiting the Libraries: Home

Read about the Libraries’ Children policies here.

Children Visiting the Library Standard Operating Procedures


Children are welcome to our libraries.  However, the responsibility for the safety and behavior of children rests with the parent/guardian or caregiver and not with the library staff or Diné College.  Library staff is not responsible for the supervision of children left unattended.

Children under the age of 7 must have a parent/guardian or caregiver in the same area of the library as the child.  If taking the place of a parent/guardian, the caregiver must be at least 14 years old and must have emergency contact information.

Children ages 7 and up may use the library on their own.  However, parents/guardians are still responsible for the actions and safety of their children.

Parents/guardians are responsible for items checked out to children (under 18) with library cards, including all fines and damages.

Parents/guardians are responsible for their children while they are using the libraries’ computers.  Since the Diné College Libraries are academic libraries, they provide an adult, unsupervised environment for academic research and to support the College’s curriculum.  Therefore, internet access has very limited filtering by the IT department.  This kind of unsupervised access to the internet may not be in your child’s best interest.

The library staff has the authority to act on the library’s behalf if inappropriate behavior occurs.  This action may include expulsion from the library or contacting campus security.