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With branches in Tsaile, Shiprock, and Crownpoint, Diné College Libraries serve all 2,000 D.C. students across the Navajo Nation!

For Finals Week, the Tsaile Campus Library will be open until 11pm Sunday-Wednesday 12/3-12/6. 

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Library Hours

Fall 2023 Hours

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Tsaile Library 8am-9pm 8am-9pm 8am-9pm 8am-9pm 8am-4pm Closed    5pm-9pm
Shiprock Library  8am-7pm 8am-7pm 8am-7pm 8am-7pm 8am-5pm Closed Closed
Crownpoint Library TBA
TBA TBA TBA TBA Closed Closed

Our library hours may change quickly in response to circumstances.

New & Noteworthy

Library News

Book Review: A New Deal for Navajo Weaving: Reform and Revival of Diné Textiles

Check out the latest book review by Dr. Christine Ami, NEH Fellow and professor of Native American studies, Navajo cultural arts, and Indigenous human-animal studies at Diné College! 

Student Research Blog: A Conversation with Tufawon

Check out the latest contribution our blog by Diné College student Deena Damon! Deena interviews Minconjou Lakota musician Tufawon as part of her studies on visual sovereignty in NAS 111. 

Student Research Blog: A Conversation with NAS Minor Student

In this student research blog contribution, Public Health student Utahana Dayzie interviews former classmate Pamela Werito on the topic of Native American Studies’ role in language and education in building resiliency 

Student Research Blog: Finding and Building Community

Diné College Painting BFA Graduate and current Psychology BA student Khalid Honie interviews Diné College BFA Alumna Andrea Sekayumptewa about how she evokes visual sovereignty in her career to educate through her art.