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Navajo Cultural Arts Program : Home

We We Are - Our Mission

The Navajo Cultural Arts Program (NCAP) intends to enhance and revitalize traditional Navajo cultural arts practices while providing opportunities for Navajo cultural arts knowledge holders and master artisans to share their unique skills in a multigenerational setting.

Where We Came From - Our History

In 2015, the then Center for Diné Studies faculty, staff, and collaborators utilized Diné College’s educational philosophy, Sa’ah Naagháí Bik’eh Hózhóón, to design, create, and implement academic curriculum and community outreach programming with the intent to enhance and revitalize Navajo cultural art philosophies and practices. We have since grown to include programming in the School of Diné Studies and Education and the School of Arts, Humanities, and English.

What We Provide - Our Objectives

NCAP participants will have the opportunity to acquire and engage traditional understandings of Navajo cultural arts, demonstrate their techniques to local and regional community members, explore a variety of Native American artisan marketing opportunities, and create multigenerational Navajo artisan community bonds.